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   Doi Phu Wae Nan
ดอยตุง เชียงราย
In the province of Nan, the mountains are covered in a thick carpet of emerald green grass. One hill in particular, Doi Phu Wae is the most famous. Local legend says that this is where their local ancestors, the Nan, originated.
Doi Phu Wae is locatedin the Doi Phu Kha NationalPark sitting in Amphoe Pua,Amphoe Chiang Klang, Amphoe Thung Chang,Amphoe Mae Charim,Amphoe Tha Wang Pha, andKing Amphoe Santisuk in the Nan Province. To get here,you must be prepared tocamp. The trip is long andthere are many hills which must be crossed. The path begins at Doi PhuWae in Amphoe Pua.

Doi Phu Wae: The Phu Kha Mountain Range has many sights to behold. Of these, Doi Phu Wae is the most exquisite. There are two ways to get here. The first path, from Ban Dan, is relatively short, but the ascent is steep and challenging. The second, Ban Pang Kwai, the more popular of the two, is longer, but more moderate and scenic. Most treks begin in the morning. After four hours of hiking, you will reach Ban Huai Phd. This is the preferred place to camp for the night. At first light, you will begin your journey to the summit of Doi Phu Wae. This segment takes about half a day to complete. Once atop the 1,837meter summit, the world opens up to you as you look across the vast expanse of land below you.
Chomphu Phu Kha: At the base of Doi Phu Wae, there are trees called Chomphu Phu Kha. These trees are native only to this area. In February, their pink flowers blooms, transforming the landscape to an ocean of crimson.

How to Get There
From the town of Nan, takeHighway 80 to Amphoe Pua. When you
reach Pua, turn right on to Highway1256. Continue driving until you reach
kilometer marker 24. Between kilometer markers 24 and25, turn left to the National Park Office. The total distance
from Nan is sixty kilometers.
To contact the Nan Forestry Office call: 0-5471-0136, 0-5471-0815



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